Pepper & Me Dip Mix Trio

Pepper & Me Dip Mix Trio

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From the zesty freshness of Get Freaky Tzatziki to the vibrant salsa notes of Soul'sa and the classic onion goodness of On Yaaa Onion & Herb, this trio has something for everyone.

Mix them with yogurt, aioli, sour cream, or even hummus for a variety of delectable dipping options. Perfect for parties, snacking, or simply adding a burst of flavor to your meals, our Dip Trio Gift Box is a must-have for any food lover.

With each jar providing 4-5 servings, you'll have plenty to share – or keep all to yourself.

Set contains

Get Freaky Tzatziki Dip Mix 60g
'Get freaky Tzatziki' dip mix is a wicked minty dill blend designed to be mixed with yoghurt or aioli and used as a dip, sauce or salad dressing - and pairs perfectly with any meats rubbed with the Za'atar spice.

Soul'sa Dip Mix 100g
Our Soul'sa Dip Mix is the real way to get your hips moving. The aromatic notes of a classic Salsa will fill the room once mixed into sour cream or low-fat yoghurt. Even use plain hummus as a dairy-free option. A super fast & crowd-pleasing dip.

On yaaa Onion & Herb Dip Mix 105g
Pepper and Me takes on the classic onion dip


Our black gift boxes are compostable, recyclable, and made from recycled paper and plantation-grown timber. The adhesive that glues the papers are made from corn starch and worms love to chomp the cardboard.